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Some amazing logos Created with Logo Maker

"What really amazed me was the quality of the professional logos the software made. I've been running with this branding for 6 years and love it!!"
Lisa Hudson
Johnsson Corporate Wear

Auto logo design
- Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands Logo Maker design tool creates a logo with your input – No previous design skill required! Choose your industry, font preferences and icons and Tailor Brands will make your logo automatically – you can still tweak it further!

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Place-IT from Envato Logo

Envato Logo Maker software “PlaceIT” is one of the industry leading auto-logo generation tools. Select from the largest online library of industry-themed logos and personalise it further. Why spend lots of $$ on a desiger?


Wix Logo - one of the best!

Wix logo maker designer has a super easy-to-use interface built for websites first and foremost, you get a logo maker design file to resize for any website application.

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Pro logo design = more customers

Select from a wide range of industry-specific logo maker tools. Each industry will have its own custom look so your logo maker experience is fantastic!

Design a logo from anywhere

If you need a logo maker on the go, this tool is perfect. You can use our logo maker design tool on your mobile device even, and it looks great!

No logo design skills needed

Our range of themes and templates for each industry mean you have to have no logo maker skills at all. Just click to start, and you'll have a unique logo in seconds!

Logo design for all devices

Our PlaceIt logo maker design tool puts out a whole range of different size logos to suit any device. Your logo maker tool should supply you with a design file.

Email your logo design

With one click of a button you can email your logo maker design to your mailbox so that it's easy to share with your website builder.

Customise your logo maker

Each logo maker design can be customised to suit your needs. Change color, font, placement and so much more for the perfect brand experience!

Make a beautiful logo

View our range of logo maker softwares, whatever your application, we have the perfect software!