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Why choose Place-it?

Placeit has a wide range of industry-specific templates to choose from to make your logo

Much cheaper than designers

Using a designer to make your logo design can be expensive, so why not use the world's largest logo design agency?

Intuitive logo design

Based on your industry, Place-It Logo maker design will find the perfect logo to suite your niche and make you stand out.

All your design files

Getting the right design files to make your logo design with logo maker is essential. You will need them for any future design or application.

Want to see what your logo looks like?

With three simple steps you can design your perfect logo. Enter in your company name, choose your industry and then select your tag line and watch your amazing logo maker design take shape

Frequently asked questions

It’s free to design your logo, but in order to download usable hi-res images, you’ll need to subscribe for an account. This is a cheap once off exercise and will allow you to customise your logo/branding on an ongoing basis.

It’s free to design the logo, but if you want to download a hi-res copy, then it’s

We cater for all industries, our templates for logo designs and people who wish to use Logo Maker are endless. We have over 78 different industries to choose your logo design from, or build your own from scratch!

Should you wish to get a one-off logo design or chat about your branding further, please contact us to find out more!

Clients who made a logo say:

"With a couple clicks of the mouse I was able to use Logo Maker to build something unique. It really suited my business, using Logo Maker logo still to this day!"
"We actually use Logo maker for a number of clients for their branding elements, it just makes it real easy as I get the design files as well"
" My boss wanted me to organise a logo for the new product we were building, and Placeit loto maker worked really well"
"Need a logo maker? Just use these guys, seriously! Super pro logos from the logo maker software they use, and it looks proper!"